Private Freshwater Fishing
Near Richmond, VA

Fishing & Fun
for the Whole Family

About Us

Our well loved 200 year old farmhouse is featured in "Historic Homes of Hanover County" and has been written about in numerous local publications. Our hills were the site of Civil War encampments and the confederate soldier son of the original home builder is laid to rest nearby. Our creeks and pond are featured on maps that reach back to colonial times. We have also found arrowheads scattered about our 63 acres.

Our modern guest house is the winner of a prestigious "design and build" award. Our grounds are home to dozens of bird species, waterfowl, deer, wild turkey, fox and coyote.

63 acres of hiking trails

P.O. Box 356
Rockville, Virginia 23146

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FISHING: Largemouth Bass, Brim, Crappie, Winter Trout, Fly Fish, Spincast

AMENITIES: Canoes, Kayaks, Paddle Boards, Rod Limits, Luxury Accomoodations, Indoor/Outdoor Eating Areas,
Swimming Pool, Walking Trails, Satellite Television

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